Asia Golf Holidays with Golfasian


In the evolving landscape of golf tourism, partnering with an expert can make all the difference. At Golfasian, our passion for the game and dedication to excellence is evident in our offerings. With over 25 years in the industry, spanning across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to partner for unparalleled golf experiences.

Why Choose Golfasian?

  • Expert Golf Knowledge: Only the best courses in top condition are included.
  • Independent Company: Handpicked resort selections with no bias.
  • Fully Licensed: Quality assurance, backed by government standards.
  • Free Insurance: Cost savings and peace of mind for all golf travelers.
  • Flexible Offerings: Packages tailored to various budgets and travel styles, with no hidden costs.
  • Pan-Asia Golf Specialist: Multi-country tours offering a one-stop-shop experience.
  • Preferential Tee Times: Golf when and how clients prefer.
  • Access to Elite Clubs: Exclusive access to private member clubs.
  • Pre-Selected Caddies: Enhanced golfing experience.
  • Private Transfers: No waiting, ensuring luxury and comfort.
  • Company-Owned Vehicles: Quality, safety, and no extra fees for side-trips.
  • Experienced Drivers: Efficient and flexible transfers.
  • 24/7 Golf Hotline: Knowledgeable staff offering round-the-clock support.
  • Multiple Destinations: Flexible itineraries with optimal transfer times.
  • Local Insight: Unique cultural, shopping, and historical tours.
  • Direct Contracts, No Middleman: Fair prices with clear communication.

Our commitment is to empower our partners, like you, to offer unparalleled golf experiences in Asia. By selecting the best courses, providing value-for-money accommodations, and ensuring seamless logistics, we ensure that your clients have memorable golfing adventures.

To discover how we can elevate your golf travel packages, reach out to us at [email protected]


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